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David Peters

"I was very pleased with how little we had to spend out-of-pocket.”

“We felt much more informed about what we were getting into.”

David Peters has purchased several homes, so he knows all about the pitfalls. That’s why it’s so impressive to hear him discuss his experience with Next Generation Realty. Says David, “This was our easiest purchase ever.”

First, the Peters’ used Next Generation Realty’s informative and easy-to-navigate website to help narrow their list. “Then,” relates David, “the thing we absolutely loved the most was talking to someone who lived in the home. We felt much more informed about the amenities and what we were getting into.”

When they were ready to buy, Next Generation Realty gave the couple all the assistance they needed. “We went to the same source for the listing, the closing, the purchase, and then financing", David recalls. “This was the first time I’d gone through a mortgage company where I felt I had someone fighting for me! They got us the best deal possible, and I was very pleased with how little we had to spend out-of-pocket.”

They believe that Next Generation Realty’s flat-fee program gave them more latitude in negotiating a price. “We didn’t feel that was the case in working with some other companies in the area.” David says.

Since the Next Generation Realty agent represents the buyer and the seller, David was skeptical at first. “But our agent did an absolutely great job making sure we got the best deal possible.

“What mattered to us wasn’t the sign out front of the property; it was finding a property that met our needs. That’s what we wanted, and that’s what we got, working with Next Generation Realty.”

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