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Claude Gruen

“A very nice, clean operation.”

“Would I sell another home through Next Generation Realty? Oh, definitely!”

When Claude Gruen’s wife passed away last year, he put their house up for sale. “I thought I’d try Next Generation Realty for 30 days to see what would happen,” Claude recalls. “I knew that I’d have to show the house myself, but my agent answered all my questions and told me what to expect and what to do, so there were no problems.”

“Believe it or not, my house sold after only 15 days!”

Claude was pleasantly surprised with how much advertising his Next Generation Realty agent provided to bring people into the house. “We had two open houses on two Sundays and had a very good response. 30 people were at the first open house and over 20 people at the second.” Claude says. “People who came through were interested in talking to the owner. My agent called me two days later and said, ‘We have an offer.’ ”

The price pleased Claude immensely, as did how much he saved on the agent’s commission. “With Next Generation Realty’s flat-fee approach I saved over $7,700* I would have had to pay in commission fees,” he relates.

But that wasn’t the only difference he discovered about Next Generation Realty.

“The cooperation with Next Generation Realty was very good,” he remembers. “My agent helped me fill out all the necessary forms, took care of all the errands that had to be done and did all the running around. That saved me a lot of time, because I didn’t know what was involved. Selling my home with Next Generation Realty was a very nice, clean operation.”

“Would I sell another home through Next Generation Realty? Oh, definitely! There’s no doubt about that! Anyone who’s thought about selling — or buying — a home would be smart to use Next Generation Realty.”

*Based on 7 percent of the home’s selling price.

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