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Deb, Grimes

Deb had looked at many homes but just hadn’t found “the one” yet. Then, one day in June 2002, she spotted a sign in the yard of a home in Grimes. The home really caught her eye, so she grabbed a feature sheet from the brochure box and called Next Generation Realty agent Tom Harvey to set up an appointment. She really wanted to see the home Friday morning and thought it might be difficult to arrange the time with the sellers. However, as Deb said, “Tom made it all very easy. He called the sellers, set the appointment and called me right back. Tom met me at the home, introduced me to the sellers and made me feel very comfortable. He did not abandon me.” Deb said from the moment she walked in the door, it just felt like it was meant to be. This was home. After thinking it over for a couple of days, she went to see the home a second time. Yes, this was it.

Tom worked with her to write an offer. As Deb explained, “He called them with me in the room. That way I knew what he was telling them. This really helped my comfort level and further instilled that he was working for the best interest of all parties. Plus, this made the back-and-forth time much less. I think the whole thing took about an hour. I’ve done more haggling over a car than I did on the purchase of my home. Tom communicated everything very well. He kept me updated every step of the way. He’s a really nice guy. He never made me feel like he was just in this for a commission. He was more like a friend or a brother.” She went on to say “He was never pushy and always encouraged rapport. He worked around the times that were good for me.”

Deb stated that she would definitely use Next Generation Realty again. She was impressed by the advice she was given. And very pleased that Tom handled all of the paperwork for her. She especially liked the fact that the sellers showed the home themselves. As she put it “Who is better qualified to show their own home? I could ask pointed questions of the sellers; questions a real estate agent would not have been able to answer. I believe it is a great value for the money with all the advertising they do via pictures, newspapers and the internet.”

Three months after moving, Deb is very happy and settled in her new home. She considers the whole experience to have been a pleasant one.

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