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Marie, Windsor Heights

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful my new house is in Windsor Heights. We closed 2/15, you gave me a nice BBQ/Grill cookbook. Where you in cahoots with my friends? They bought us a fantastic huge gas grill with cover.

On the 15th, right after we closed, we took down all of the wallpaper, painted the entire interior that day. On the 16th, we redid all of the outlets, plate covers and shampooed all of the carpets. So, by the time the movers' came on the 18th, the house had been cleaned from top to bottom, painted and carpets cleaned. You honestly wouldn't believe it was the same house. It seems like I have lived there for years.

Just wanted to thank you again, you made this a painless transaction and I appreciate all of your efforts.


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