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Brad and Kayla Winnike

"We were very happy with the price!”

“Because of Next Generation’s flat-fee listing program, we saved $11,000.”

Brad and Kayla Winnike couldn’t have been happier selling their home with Next Generation Realty than if they’d written the scenario themselves.

“Our experience with Next Generation Realty was very positive from beginning to end,” Kayla says. “We got our house marketed quickly, had a very successful first open house and sold our home right away. We were actually on the market only one week!”

“We had a price in mind, but our agent’s market analysis came in a little higher. So we were very happy with the price we sold for.”

The couple’s Next Generation Realty agent worked rapidly on getting everything together: placing signs in the yard and getting their home in the paper a day and a half after the property was listed. “Once we found someone who was interested,” Brad says, “the follow-through was excellent. Our agent led us through every step of the process. They even worked well with the agent for the house we were buying.”

Their appreciation with Next Generation Realty wasn’t over, however. “We knew that with Next Generation Realty we could have as many open houses as we wanted, on our own time. We were there to talk to potential buyers. That let us point out the positives of our home and personalize the experience for the buyer.”

“Because of Next Generation Realty’s flat-fee listing program, we saved $11,000. We saw that as retained equity that we could put down on another house.” Brad points out, “This allowed us to get into a house we probably would not have been able to afford if we hadn’t listed with Next Generation Realty.”

The couple was happy and pleased with their experience. Concludes Kayla, “We would definitely choose Next Generation Realty again, and have referred others to Next Generation Realty.”

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