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Grimes began humbly around 1881. Originally, the town was called Stewart after a prominent local family. The name was changed to Grimes after James W. Grimes, the third governor of Iowa.

Grimes has changed dramatically since those early years. Yet today, there's still a friendly Midwestern atmosphere in Grimes and a sense of community that brings people closer together. Located just northwest of Des Moines, Grimes is close enough to enjoy the city's many advantages, but far enough away to maintain small town security and peach of mind.

Iowa has established a national reputation for excellence in education. Grimes is no exception. Constant improvements to the Dallas Center-Grimes schools help maintain the region's high standards for education.

Fresh air, green grass, parks and access to numerous recreational attractions make Grimes an outstanding place to be. Through a joint effort between Grimes and the Dallas Center-Grimes Schools, a multi-sport complex is being developed. It includes soccer, baseball and softball fields, tennis courts and walking and exercise trails for everyone to enjoy.

POPULATION (1997 Est.) 4,600

(local and within 45-minute travel time)

  • 17 public golf courses
  • 92 public tennis courts
  • 75 public parks
  • 8 public swimming pools
  • 6 country clubs
  • Public access to Saylorville Lake
    (swimming, water skiing, fishing and motor boating)
  • Theaters
  • Libraries
  • Opera Museums
  • Ballet
  • Historic sites
  • Art gallery
  • Symphony
  • Historical society
  • Art council


  • Funtastic Days
  • May - Corn Feed
  • July - 6-week summer recreation program
  • 20 minutes to Art Center, Science Center, Theaters, Amusement Park and Shopping Malls.


Dallas-Center-Grimes School
802 15th Street
Dallas Center, Iowa 50063
(515) 992-3866

Elementary 500 S James Street 986-4057
High School 410 S Main 992-3832
Junior High School 410 S Main 986-3651


For more information on Grimes, call or write:

Kelly Brown, City Manager Grimes
City Hall
404 S. 2nd St.
Grimes, Iowa 50111
(515) 986-3036
Fax: (515) 986-3846

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