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Polk City

Growth is here and Polk City excitement is high. It is a town full of friendly people, abundant resources, and a good variety of healthy, local businesses and services. Our city council is progressive and local organizations are actively in the community's growth and quality of life.

If you live in Polk City, it is a great place to come home to. On weekends, you are in heaven...or among the best of Iowa. If you work in Polk City, you first enjoy a beautiful drive (in the opposite direction of city rush hour traffic), park your car no more than 50 paces from your work place and return greetings as you head in to begin your work day.

POPULATION (2000 Est.) 2,131

  • 5 Parks
  • 2 Lakes
  • 3 Beaches
  • 1 Tennis Courts


Saylorville Lake and Big Creek Lake host many recreational events ranging from ice fishing to triathlons. We enjoy art festivals, community dinners, the Kiwanis Bar-B-Que, parades, talent shows, agricultural events, and business and social gatherings.


North Polk Community Schools
Alleman 50007

JR- SR High School- Alleman 1063 Dennis Drive 964-7411
Central Elementary- Alleman 1063 Dennis Drive 685-3528


For more information on Polk City, call or write:

Mark Haverland
Polk City Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 236
Polk City, IA 50226
(515) 984-6211
Fax: (515) 984-6986

City Hall
112 3rd Street
Polk City, IA 50226
(515) 984-6233

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